Volkswagen Spares Parts Melbourne

We provide our customers with top quality Volkswagen spare parts in Melbourne

Welcome to V Dubs R Us! We sell quality used Volkswagen parts. Whether you own panel shops or a workshop in Melbourne, we can provide all types of VW spare parts to you. Our vast experience of over three decades, combined with a trained staff, results in client satisfaction. Contact us now if you need Volkswagen spare parts in Melbourne.

Used Parts

Old used parts are often lacking in quality; hence, they do not offer the same promise as a new part. Our spare parts are used but we guarantee their quality. Used parts also help save money since they are cheaper, yet are able to perform the same function effectively.

Other companies sell spare parts for all different types of cars but our company revolves around VW parts only. That is why we pride ourselves on being Volkswagen specialists. We give our clients a warranty so that if the parts they buy are faulty, then they can immediately have them replaced.

We focus solely on Volkswagen spare parts

At V Dubs R Us, we:

  • Offer spare parts for all kinds for Volkswagen vehicles.
  • Specialize in one kind of vehicle to ensure quality of service and availability of maximum number of parts.
  • Guarantee professional and timely delivery of VW parts in Melbourne to make sure that your work is done efficiently, in minimum time.


At V dubs R us, we ensure that workshops or panel shops that buy our parts, only get quality pieces. Whether it is filtration systems, body parts, exhaust systems, electronic equipment, cooling systems, engine and transmission parts, heaters, fuel systems or steering, you can count on us to deliver quality parts for the car you are working on.

We have three decades of experience

Having been in the spare parts business for more than 30 years, V Dubs R Us prides itself on being specialists in Volkswagen spare parts. Our company revolves around Volkswagens and we take special care to make sure that we have all parts and accessories available for your car. We don’t just provide parts, we provide a service. We ensure that quality VW spares are delivered to you in Melbourne in a timely manner.

So when your customers drop off their vehicles at your garage, you can confidently give your client a precise time to pick up their vehicle. We do an efficient job on our part so that you can safely give your customers the guarantee of a job well done as well. V dubs R us also gives you a warranty claim on all our parts so that if there any complaints from our clients’ end, we will gladly have the item replaced. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In case of any queries, contact us:

Phone:                 03 93501867

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