VW Jetta Wreckers Parts Melbourne

Looking for VW Jetta wreckers in Melbourne? Look no further!

V Dubs R Us brings you used spare parts for all Volkswagen cars. We deliver used spare parts but we guarantee that they are quality parts that will seamlessly fit into your VW vehicle. With over three decades of experience, we believe in delivering only the most excellent products to our clients with the promise of professionalism and client satisfaction. If you need VW Jetta parts in Melbourne, contact V Dubs R Us today.

We’ve all driven the Jetta at least once and driving that car is a very unique experience for the driver. It is not for everyone’s taste but for those who do drive it, know that it requires maintenance and repair, just like any other car. It can take just as much damage as it is not the most sturdy vehicle and every once in a while, your customers will require part replacements. New parts usually cost a lot, so we offer a cheaper alternative; quality used parts that function just as well as new ones.

Established wreckers working in Melbourne

To make this easier for the customer we at V Dubs R Us, buy wrecked vehicles and sell their working parts individually. This way the parts purchased by our clients are not only in working condition but also genuine. We are established VW Jetta wreckers in Melbourne and you can contact us for various Jetta parts like:

  • Engine parts and fittings
  • Transmission parts
  • Automotive A/C Compressors and fans
  • Steering wheels
  • Suspension components
  • Brake discs and pads
  • Wiring and electrical components
  • Fuel systems plus air filters
  • Radiator replacement and cooling mechanism
  • Front, back bumper bars and side skirts
  • Headlights and fitting equipment
  • Range of recycled parts


We provide all these parts and countless accessories as well including fittings and seats for the car’s interior. As established VW wreckers in Melbourne, we ensure that only quality used parts are sent to our customers. We not only provide parts but we provide a service; delivery of the best equipment and a fixed delivery time of your order so you can give your customer a definite time to pick up their vehicle.

Our focus is on all Volkswagen vehicles

We guarantee that we sell only the best spare parts because we only deal in Volkswagen vehicles. This may not sound like a major factor but it allows us to stock up on every VW part for any vehicle. When part dealers deal in more than one kind of brand, there is a chance that those parts may not be of very good quality or all types of parts may not be available. This can create a problem for the customers who want very specific pieces of equipment for their vehicles.

However, that is not the case with us. Our lives revolve around Volkswagens and we are very faithful to this one brand. We only deal in Volkswagen parts so that our clients can be sure that all kinds of equipment and gear will be available to them when they need it. You can order any part from us without any hesitation or fear and leave the delivery work to us.

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